Introducing Project Marketplace: Graphic of Managing Projects on Voices
A New Way to Earn on Voices: Create Your Projects Now...

We’re pleased to introduce Project Marketplace, a new way to get discovered and hired by clients. Project Marketplace will provide you with another way to...

The Most Popular Celebrity Podcasts Of All Time That...

With Meghan Markle having just announced her new podcast, Archetypes, Voices have looked into the most popular celebrity podcasts of all time. From the net...

Your Favourite Actors Who Never Sing Their Own Songs

What if we told you that your favourite character may not have sang in your go-to childhood movie? That’s right. The likes of Zac Efron, Hilary Duff and...

Woman and man sitting at opposite ends of desk, with headphones on.
Why Your Businesses Need To Start A Podcast

New data from, the no. 1 marketplace for hiring voice over talent, has revealed that in 2021 just over 50% of its business customers are actively...

Male audio producer sits at desk looking intently at a computer screen where he is using audio software to design a sonic logo
How We Created the Voices Sonic Logo

Need inspiration for establishing your brand’s audio identity? Read the story of how we created the Voices sonic logo from scratch.

blue background, Voice Awards star logo, voice actors in bubbles floating around the words.
The 2021 Voicey Awards are Here!

The annual Voicey Awards are here! Check out who took home awards in more than 13 categories and hear the stories behind the success.

Launched: New Rate Guide
Product News
Learn How to Use the New Rate Guide

We have updated our rate guide to meet the ever-changing industry standards and based on real jobs. Read how you can use it in negotiations!

Product News
Flexible Payment Options to Streamline Your Business...

Voices is providing invoicing as an additional payment option for clients. Learn how to use it!

Batman Figurine standing in white background
Industry Updates
The 6 Best Batman Voices

The 8 best Batman voices and the unique styles that earned them a spot on the list! Will Robert Peterson be added to this list?

A black smart home speaker sitting on a brown circle piece of wood
Industry Updates
Synthetic and AI Voices: Market Size and How...

AI voice tech is projected to be a $36B industry by 2025. There is unprescidented opportunity to invest in synthetic voice development and here's how.

Product News
The Complete Guide to Voices: How to Use and Succeed...

The complete guide to Voices: An in-depth review of how to use and succeed on Voices.

Improved Billing History and Account Settings
Product News
Manage Your Projects More Efficiently with Improved...

We’ve listened to what clients' needs are when it comes to billing and payment, and we are pleased to share improvements to these processes with you.

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