A woman's hand adjusts the sound level on a control pad.
How To Remove Unwanted Sounds in Your Recordings

By the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll have all the tools you need to remove unwanted sounds from your recordings.

A Rode mini microphone sitting on top of a white iphone in front of a white background.
Best External Microphones for iPhone

Are you looking for quality sound for your videos? Here's a list of the top 5 external shotgun microphones for iPhone.

Best Metronomes: Digital Metronomes

All ten metronomes in this lisy have standout features to make them a worthy buy. They are organized from highest to lowest average price.

Radio station setup with microphone and pop filter
How to Edit Podcast Sound Effects, Music & Dialogue

Using sound effects, music, and dialogue, you can bind the various segments of a podcast into one unified whole. Learn how to edit a podcast.

Headphones with number eight inside
Audio Technology
Everything You Need to Know About 8D Audio

You may have heard of 8D audio. Here’s everything you need to know about 8D audio, and maybe even a bit more.

A woman with brown hair listens to her phone as she sits on a bench, a man leans against the wall further down the hall.
4 Ways Your Brand Can Use TTS: Part 4 in our TTS Series

Here are some ways you can use TTS to improve your brand: Faster Turnaround Times, Increased Web Presence, Scalability and Affordability.

A paper cubes collection with printed logos of world-famous social networks and online messengers, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and others.
Top Ways Leading Brands Are Using TTS: Part 3 of our...

We’ve looked at some of the ways you can use text to speech for your brand, but how are some of the biggest companies utilizing it to grow?

A woman listens to her phone on a bench inside, while a man looks towards her and leans against the wall in the hallway.
How Does Text to Speech Work? Part 2 in our TTS Series

There are dozens of scenarios where the use of TTS can be beneficial. Here are some of the most notable applications for text to speech.

A white man wearing a pink shirt and jeans leans against his desk while checking his phone.
What Is Text to Speech? Part 1 in our TTS Series

Text to Speech (TTS) tools are a relatively new technology, but chances are you have already seen, or more accurately, heard TTS in action.

Audio Technology
Best Audio Interfaces for Mac

Although most audio interfaces work well on any device, here are the top contenders to use with a Mac computer.

Audio Technology
Top 4 Earplugs For Musicians

When it comes to purchasing earplugs, there is a lot to consider. Here are the top 4 earplugs for musicians in 2022.

Audio Technology
Best MIDI Keyboards of 2022

Keyboards are a crucial part of music. If you have a DAW, you can control every parameter of your MIDI synths and instruments.

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