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Nailing the Narration with Anthony Reece

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Geoff Bremner
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Join Anthony Reece to learn how to craft an outstanding narration read. In this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to mark up your script and show competence with confidence!

Anthony shares his invaluable insights and experiences on nailing the narration, offering a wealth of knowledge for aspiring voice actors. From mastering vocal techniques to understanding the nuances of different narration styles, Anthony provides practical tips and tricks that will help you stand out in your auditions.
Find Anthony Reece: https://www.vo101.com/

Geoff Bremner
Hi! I'm Geoff. I'm passionate about audio. Giving people the platform for their voice, music, or film to be heard is what gets me up in the morning. I love removing technical, logistical, and emotional barriers for my clients to allow their creative expression to be fully realized.
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