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A day in the life of an average species.

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English (North American)

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North American, US General American (GenAm)


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I'm Angela droll. The morning sun would usually have brought with it a rush of activity in the males household, but for now the inhabitant continues its slumber. It's not until nearly one in the afternoon when the male awakes, rabid, unwashed and starving. This creature is in poor condition even given its state and its need for nutrients, The male remains in its nest for up to two hours, scrolling through its phone. What is searching for is unclear, but the presence of incognito mode speaks to him in a grim revelation. The sun is nearing the end of its journey across the heavens. By the time the delivery driver arrives with the daily meal, there are no words exchanged, just grunts, the male, dressed in only a towel and chicken feet slippers swiftly retreats back to the safety of the house. Once he has seized his meal, the dining room table once used for such meals lays abandoned plastered in the remains of a long forgotten D. I. Y. Project the mail quickly consumes his chicken in a daze, his focus lost in the hypnosis of his television show. He will remain here now for much of the day, sparing his energy for potential, albeit unlikely battles ahead.