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    All About Newscaster Voices

    The newscaster is a character who works for a media company. The newscaster character delivers news reports and stories to the viewers, and may intersperse commentary or personal opinion as well. Newscaster characters are strong readers, and speak in a clear and steady manner. Newscaster characters have the ability to read updates objectively and without emotion, even when the subject matter could be difficult, such as in the reporting on details of a crime.

    Newscaster characters may also host a show and interview experts as a news anchor or commentator. These characters are very likable, and professional, appear confident and trustworthy, and embody other traits that attract viewers and lend to their credibility as media representatives. Some newscaster characters specialize in certain areas of reporting, such as sports or weather, reporting on an area they have expertise in, further building credibility for the newscaster, and allowing some extra personality to be shown with a less structured script.

    Where to hear newscaster voices

    Newscaster characters can be seen most often on news channels, and can also be seen in news reports in fictional movies and television settings. Newscasters can be seen on numerous real-life cable news outlets such as ABC, BBC, CBC, CNN, Fox, and The Weather Channel. Fictional newscaster characters can be seen in disaster, war, and crime television shows and movies, as well as in other genres. Newscasters can also be heard on the radio, with both local and national stations regularly providing news updates. Turning on your radio or television and observing the newscaster’s vocal performance and speech patterns can help inspire your search for a sensational newscaster character voice!