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English - \"Erasure\" novel - 1st Person Fiction sample

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1st person fiction audiobook sample - male and female characters.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
linda was already in the bar when I arrived. She wrapped me up in a hug and I remembered how much like a bicycle she had felt in bed? So she said, And that way people use the word to introduce beating around the bush? We had to come 3000 miles to see each other when we live in the same state. Funny how things work out, we said. And I ordered a scotch linda, asked for another Gibson. She played with the onion in her glass, stabbing it with the red plastic sword. Are you on the program? I asked. I hadn't seen her name, but then I hadn't looked. I want a panel with Davis, kimball, Willis, Lloyd and louis Rosenthal. What's the panel? I asked. The place of burrows in american fiction. I groaned. Sounds pleasant enough. I saw the title of your paper. I don't get it. She ate the onion off her sword just as our drinks arrived. What's it about? You'll hear it. I'm sick of the damn thing. Is that going to make me any friends? I'll tell you that. I looked around the bar and saw no familiar faces. I can just feel the creepiness here. Why did you come then? She complained because this way my trip is paid for. I swallowed some scotch and was sorry. I hadn't requested a water back. I'd rather admit to that than say. I came here because I care about the proceedings of the NRS. You have a point Linda? eight Her 2nd Onion. Would you like to go up to my room. Smooth. I said, what if we don't have sex and say we did after an awkward spell. I said, So how's Berkeley? It's fine. I'm up for tenure this year. How does it look? I asked, knowing full well, it couldn't look good for her. Your family's here, she said. My mother and sister. I finished my scotch and became painfully aware that I had nothing to say to linda. I didn't know enough about her personal life to ask questions and I didn't want to bring up her recent breakup. So I stared into my glass. I groaned. Sounds pleasant enough.