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    Geek Voices

    The geek is a character who is introverted, academic, interested in pop culture, and is generally less socially skilled. The geek has a fascination with numbers, ideas and information. The geek is highly motivated and often hyper fixated on one interest. The geek is hard working, and enjoys his or her work. Geeks are technical, analytical, and logical. Geeks can be seen most often in scientific, mathematical and technological settings.

    Geeks are most often seen in STEM-oriented employment and education, as well as in niche leisurely activities that are oriented around stories, technology and games. In employment, geeks are often seen in computing, information technology, coding, and other more numerical, logic based jobs. They are very hard working, and take pride in their work. They are also very curious and competitive, and experimenting, as well as problem solving, is their default mindset. In the workplace, geeks are likely to use jargon, remain more reserved, and strive for perfection. Geeks are meticulous, and dislike extra work being added on at the last minute, being rushed to complete a job, or being told to make something “good enough” when they see how it could be perfect with enough time and resources.

    Geeks in education are hard working, focusing on academic achievement. They are more likely to work alone, and be awkward in group projects and presentations. However, in subjects they enjoy, they are perfectionists, and exemplify their knowledge without prompting. Geeks in leisure settings may enjoy things such as inventing, tinkering, reading, table top board games, video games, movies and fantasy movies and television shows. Geeks usually unite around a certain activity, franchise or style, and have friendships in this setting. Geeks are curious about all facets of their objects of interest, and have good memories and knowledge of even the most minor details of those objects. Geeks may reference the things they enjoy outside of these groups, perhaps in niche, vague and esoteric ways, and be considered odd by others for rambling about something most people do not understand or enjoy.

    Geeks can be seen in, or enjoying, movies and television shows that mainly fall into the science fiction and fantasy genres. Many characters in movies may fall into the geek category, such as the quiet and lonely student at school, the socially awkward but intelligent young adult, and the science whiz or mathematics nerd who later becomes a scientist or otherwise plays a role in the story. Geeks can often be seen at conventions, in clubs regarding said media, and sometimes posting their own content providing commentary on what they like.