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Clips of animated hosting duties on radio

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Clips of hosting a radio show- animated conversation and content

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North American


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There's so many numbers. There's an actual comma 15,381. Okay so I'm going to ask my parents and my dad and they're divorced now so getting them in the same room would be great and then you want me to talk about how their sex life. Yeah it was when they were together. Yes. What if you learned something major and it saves your marriage? I don't know what like don't do this or no do this by picturing things after possibly the longest adoption process ever. We have been matched with a little guy in Haiti. His name is Stanley and he's five years old. Oh my God 10.5 years and it's just we're so excited and I'm so excited. Our producer Amy loves this thing. Talk to us like I'm ready like what are the reasons you want things to work out with johnny? What are the reasons why are you fighting for this Neera why do you want this to work out? Why are you here for therapy, coworker therapy with johnny? What who thinks of that? The male body is an amazing attractive like that. You know you're talking to a *** man. So I set a goal this year that I wanted to do a half marathon in under two hours which I've never done before and most people haven't and no one will and we came in at 1 59 26 that's aggressive jump, it hurts to everything so then I have to run into the bathroom. This is actually physical and johnny chases me into the bathroom spray. It lands on the floor. I kick you.