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    Action Star Voices

    Do you need an action star voice with a certain set of skills? Are you looking for that iconic action hero voice that goes ahead and just makes your day?

    The action star is a character who is in the action genre, generally being the protagonist of the story or a close supporting character. The action star is brave, inventive, works well under pressure and is a strong character. The action star is not afraid of danger, and will enter risky situations or deadly conflicts to achieve his or her goal, whether it be finding treasure or defending one’s honour.

    Many character types can fall into the role of an action star. A soldier, a superhero and a regular civilian put into a dangerous situation can all fall into the category of the action star. This character type can be seen in movies ranging from combat oriented movies such as Rambo, to the superhero genre, which includes the Avengers, to more survivalist character versus environment films like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. Spies, pirates, ninjas, martial artists and other action film characters also fall into the action star category.

    When voicing an action star, it is important to identify who the character is, what situation the character is in, and what the current scene is. A samurai would speak differently than a cowboy, just as a civilian would speak differently than a soldier. The culture or background of the character may also influence how the character speaks. A father or mother fighting against the odds to protect their children will have a more relatable and sympathetic tone, in comparison to the more reserved, stoic soldier. In situations where the pressure is high, an action star may be somewhat stressed, but maintain confidence and control over the situation. The action star will maintain this confidence throughout the acting, but it will be especially necessary in high-intensity situations. Action stars may scream or shout, or be calm and collected.

    Voicing an action star can be an exciting experience, especially considering how broad the action genre is, and it can be profitable with how much media is being made in the action genre.

    If you're making a high octane cartoon, animated movie or video game, you'll need an astonishing action star voice to anchor your story. If your hero doesn't have a heart stopping and professional delivery, your entire story will fall flat. Search the world's largest selection of voice actors and find your perfect action star voice today.