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An explanatory video for Plasso Billing. The goal of this project was to maintain a calm and relaxed voice, and come off as being part of the team, rather than an announcer promoting a product.

\"We are an e-commerce software company (called Plasso) and we're making a video for our new product called \"Billing\". This will be the announcement video we share everywhere for this new product. Plasso is targeted towards small-medium sized online businesses.

Hassle-free recurring billing and customer management.
An entire customer billing, management, storage and authentication system ready to be embedded into your website. Instantly create a pay-wall on your website using your content. You control the customer experience, Plasso takes care of the rest.\"

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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imagine you've built some really awesome software and now you want to charge for it. But you don't wanna build or maintain your own subscription payment system. You just want to launch. Here's how easy that could be used. Class ability. First, simply copy and paste a snippet of code into your HTML and Kobe's. This will secure your content website and will ensure that only paying members have access. If you're on WordPress, there's no need to copy and paste anything. Instead, just installer plug. That's it. You're done also handles all the complexity of user management, subscriptions and payments. Everything is beautifully wrapped up in our customizable and embed herbal interface, so everything happens on your own website with your own contact. You can have customers signing up in just a few minutes, all without writing any code at all. This'll isn't just for people creating complicated software. Anyone can use plaster billing for anything they make. If you have a website and you have some content that you'd like to charge people for, start using plaster billing today