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    Buddy Voices

    You've got a friend in me.' A buddy is someone who's always smiling, supporting his or her friends and up for any adventure with other buddies.

    The buddy is a close friend of a character, and usually laid back, adventurous and affable. The buddy can also provide advice, emotional support and have deeper conversations with the character he or she is friends with. The buddy is usually a supporting character, though the main character can also be a buddy.

    In public, the buddy may be adventurous, relatively relaxed, witty, and have a lot of fun with his or her friends. The buddy will invite his or her friend to, or accept an invitation to, do something fun and enjoyable. It could be partying, socializing at a pub, playing games or sports together, and engaging in other fun group activities. The buddy may be more extroverted, involving friends in activities with their other friends.

    In private, the buddy can talk about deeper issues that may be affecting him or her, as well as his or her friend. The buddy comforts friends when comfort is needed, advises friends on issues such as employment, romance and other more personal concerns. A buddy should also work to help his or her friend to become a better person, being capable to maturely have tough discussions when needed.

    The buddy is an easily observable character, whether it is a sidekick in a superhero movie, a best friend in a sitcom, or a team member in an organization. You can also look at your friendships and how your buddies behave, as well as experience how the dynamics between friends work.

    A good buddy voice can be the centerpiece of laughs in any project, but are popular in animated series, cartoon and funny advertising campaigns. Luckily, we have the largest selection of professional voice actors in the world for you to find the perfect buddy voice