Gearhart, Mashing Potatoes, Paula Abdul Narration, Cirrocumulus Clouds

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we've all heard of Cape Cod, Ocean City and the Outer Banks, but this country is full of amazing beach towns that you've never heard of. Like Gearhart. Located in northwest Oregon, Gearhart is full of grassy reads and wide, beautiful beaches that will both delight and surprise you. Anybody can mash potatoes, but today we're going to show you how to mashed potatoes like a pro. First, cook your potatoes hold. This keeps them dry on the inside, which is key. Next, add lots of butter more creamier, so don't skip in 1980 to Paula Abdul was the choreographer for the Laker girls, arranging all the dance routines for their halftime show. Then one night, a few members of the Jacksons came to again. They were so impressed by the show that they asked Abdul if she'd like to choreograph their next video. Of course, she said yes. Zero cumulus clouds are those small, thin, rounded, puffy clouds you see in long rows in the sky there, one of the lightest clouds in the atmosphere rarely producing any precipitation, and they most often appear during wintertime signaling fair but cold weather