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    Teacher Voices

    The teacher is a character who provides lessons and instruction to others, usually in an academic setting. The teacher character is intelligent, focused, a strong communicator and professional in his or her conduct. The teacher character speaks clearly and in a manner appropriate for his or her audience. The teacher character may simply be an individual providing lessons, such as a parent teaching a child. Some teachers are ineffective or unprofessional, changing one or many of the traits described, while still retaining the position of a teacher character.

    The teacher character is usually seen in a classroom setting. The teacher character may have a specialised area of interest, such as in the instances of university professors and high school teachers, or specific language teachers; or they may have a broad and simple understanding of many topics, such as elementary school teachers. Teacher characters are generally open and understanding, answering questions, explaining concepts and guiding the application of said concepts for students who need more help in doing so.

    Teacher characters are very attentive to detail, and hold a position of authority in the classroom. Teacher characters regulate the classroom, with differing levels of strictness, to ensure orderly learning takes place. Teacher characters are observant, making notes of student conduct and quality of work, creating progress reports and filling out grades. Teacher characters are good listeners, and can provide constructive criticism on presentations. Teacher characters may also run extracurriculars, providing extra opportunities for students to engage with the broader school community.

    Teacher characters outside of academic institutions can be seen in many other environments, such as providing coaching or counselling; or acting as a guide or mentor. These characters teach in less formal settings, and have occupations outside of academic institutions; though they are still considered to be teachers.

    Teacher characters can be seen most often in educational videos and in movies or television shows that fall into the science fiction, documentary, historical and youth genres. Teacher characters at all educational levels can be observed in their occupational settings, especially in university courses, which may have courses available for auditing. Observing teacher characters and learning how to convey information effectively in a professional manner can help you develop a stellar teacher character voice!