Ari Ross is, "Thinking Outside The VoiceBox"

Strengths: Conversational approach which communicates with and not at your audience.
When it comes to commercial and corporate/narration reads, trailers, promos as well as fun characters all over the spectrum - from quiet and thoughtful ... to wild, whacky and full of energy, Ari Ross can deliver.


Give Ari a few core ideas you want communicated and let me take a run at the material for a VERY hip/cutting-edge approach which cuts through all the noise and really hits home with a listener. It's a new approach that's sure to create the effect you're looking for.

In general:
- Friendly, upbeat "Non-announcer-Announcer"
- Real Estate slideshows & virtual tours
- Hard driving "Call To Action" Promos
- "La Fontaine" style Trailers
- Impressions
- Cartoons
- Toys
- More

Ari writes: "My main intention is to provide exactly what a client wants and strive to do so efficiently with delivery of content in a timely manner at a fair price for both of us." "Fun is included at no extra charge."

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Aug 11, 2015


May 27, 2015


Aug 14, 2013

Thanks Ari for your efforts and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.