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in April of the sheer CBS television aired the four part miniseries George Washington. Sponsored by General Motors, the miniseries showed the life of Washington from the age 11 through the end of the Revolutionary War. The miniseries featured Barry Bostwick as George Washington and dramatically showed Americans winning the fight for freedom. The Revolutionary War was finally over after nearly six years of fighting. Following the British surrender of Yorktown in 17 81 Washington bid farewell to his officers. He then returned to Mt. Vernon and his first love, Martha, played by Patty Duke. Washington Expected to retire and live out his years in peace? Little did he know that problems for the new country were just beginning, and he would be the Onley man who could lead it. Ah, film Crew from MGM in Hollywood has literally taken over the town of Philadelphia for the filming of George Washington. The Forging of the Nation, the sequel to the original George Washington Philadelphia has opened its arms to the production, allowing them to film in actual locations surrounded by the architecture of the period. Today, shooting is indicative of the film itself. Several dozen extras wait. While special pyro technique and special effects experts paint a unique flammable paste on prepared effigies, safety is a top priority