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This is a narrative piece describing what it is in this life that brings peace. Using very emotive pros, the narration takes a look at religion in a setting of real life. The voice is approachable, trustworthy, pleasant, sincere, baritone, smooth, and emotional. This small poetic documentary is heart warming and charming to watch. The narrator is the storyteller, the voice of reason, the guide in all of this. This is a religious spot to help Christians remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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we were created to know peace. But why does it seem so unattainable? Just out of reach, like a branch broken from the vine We live in the busy thing, this terror of time A thief of soul, hoping for better days, longing for rest So near yet so elusive in over our heads. Grasping at straws, toiling for life, our souls wither away, parched for peace, inner tranquility overshadowed by hollow pursuits. But have we ever found peace on our own? Peace is not a symbol, nor is it a gesture. Peace is not the seizing of violence or a treaty to be signed. Peace is not one earned or achieved, but peace is given. Peace is a person. Yes. Jesus Christ. He does not give peace. He is peace, peace incarnate. The glory of the gospel. Born on that day Emmanuel God with us, He is bread for our souls. Beauty and strength and psalms. Yoke of Lightbourne. Boundless sufficiency This'll Jesus Ah, bythe