Young Irish Lad



This is an excerpt from a documentary titled "Passages" that aired last year. This particular character has a light Irish twang, almost folksy, and youthful flair.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Irish (General)


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Truth is, Frank was a puzzle to me, preparing to take the vows of a priest. Even so, he couldn't resist visit in the shipyard in Belfast just to catch a glimpse of the gigantic hole taken shape. It's required treat 1000 men two years to build a Titanic. There were three million rivets in the hall alone, The pride of Belfast. She was for certain. Frank was fascinated by everything about her. Once Frank was on board, he spent hour after hour exploring the ship, documenting what he saw through the lens of his camera as he strolled the massive Dex. Hey was happy as a lark, and he didn't know it. But he was captured a bit of history that would soon disappear. His passion for photo taken, caught the fancy of an American millionaire onboard. So impressed was the man with the work Frank was doing that he offered to pay his passage for the remainder of the trip. He wanted Frank to document the entire maiden voyage. Now, who could resist an offer like that? Frank sent off a request to his superiors in Dublin asking permission. A response came back much sooner than he'd expected. But the tone of the message seemed a bit abrupt. Get off that ship was the gist of what was said. It was not the reply he was hoping for. What difference could postpone in his vows a few more weeks? Make this was history in the making any photographer's dream. Perhaps they simply feared that he would change his mind. No doubt about it, Frank faced a difficult choice.