U is for Understanding



Childrens book dealing with learning empathy and concentration.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Child (5-12)


North American (General)


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it was raining. As the students filed into the classroom. Claire shoes were muddy and she almost slipped, wiping them on the welcome mat on the board. Miss Sage had written pay attention in big capital letters. Claire glanced a Tomeka who shrugged. If they were in trouble, neither of them could think why Miss Age waited until the entire class was seated to speak. Today we will begin toe. Learn about mindfulness. Mindfulness is a life skill, like reading, which means you will find it useful every day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing and not just in school. Over the next eight weeks you'll learn what mindfulness means and how it can help you, and we will enjoy lots of fun activities that teach us about mindfulness. Miss Sage picked up her ruler and pointed to the words on the board. Has anyone ever said these words to you before? Many of the students nodded, and there were murmurs of Yes, can anyone think of a particular incident? When someone used these words, Claire raised her hand. Yes, Claire. Well, actually, I say it to ace my puppy when I'm trying to teach him to sit and roll over. Does it work? Miss Sage asked Clear, shook her head and then added. He's always distracted by something else. She thought of yesterday like squirrels. Have you or anyone in your family shown ace how to pay attention? Claire scrunched up our nose. What did Ms Sage mean? She thought of Mom pleading with Ace to calm down. How dad threatened Ace with no more yummy treats if he misbehaved. And then she remembered Mindy staring ace down until he stopped barking at the frightened squirrel. I don't know, she answered. Our other dog, Mindy, is the only one who could get him to listen, but I'm not sure if he's actually learning anything from her. Some of her classmates left so said Miss Sage, you see that sometimes were told to pay attention, but we're not always shown if you had never learned how to do subtraction, and I told you to subtract 10 from 12, but did not show you, How would you know how to do it? Students shook their heads. We can learn about mindfulness by going through the vowels and the alphabet all together. Tell me what the first vowel of the alphabet is a, they shouted. Jake said, Be to be funny But only Gene snickered. And so said Miss Sage, picking up her marker and writing at the top of the board A s four. She turned back around what is a four class, among others. Claire raised her hand, but it was khaimah. Sage called on attention, he said quietly. Yes, and Miss Age finished writing a ISS for attention.