Things I Never Told You



This is a retail sample for a book I completed via ACX.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Peyton. That voice. It was so much like my own except it sounded younger, lighter. Hey Peyton, was that pepper? I turned around, my tennis shoes squeaking on the cement floor. Where was I humid, dimly lit. An odor of what? Sweat and soap rows of blue lockers filled the room. What was I doing in my high school's girls locker room? My sister sat astride one of the long wooden benches position between the rows of lockers. She wore grey sweat pants and a white team t shirt, Her long auburn hair in a single braid. She could be headed to volleyball practice. I stopped at the end of the row. What are you doing here waiting for you? Pepper leaned forward, her hands resting on the bench, waiting for me. Yeah, I wanted to talk to you why? I was wondering how you were doing? What a smile curved her lips, lighting her eyes, the blue eyes that hinted at turquoise, just like minded. You gotta admit it's been a long time since we talked to pay. Was that supposed to be some sort of joke? I forced the words passed my dry throat, but you don't look any different. I know. Pepper tilted her head, her braids swishing to the side. You do though. You're all grown up so that's what I'd look like. Huh? Her carefree giggle caused my chest ache even as I touched the ends of my hair that lay tangled against my shoulders. If you went shorter and opted for layers and blonde highlights. Yeah, I like it. We always had long hair. The volleyball girl look right? So people said Pepper pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Are you still playing volleyball coaching? That was your plan? No, I couldn't. Not after you. It was too hard. I own a party planning company with a friend. Uh huh. I never would have figured that. I like it hadn't lied to her. I did like my job so long as Kimberly was the party part of the business and I was the planner part of the business. What kind of parties you name it? Wedding receptions, birthday parties. Pepper leaned forward. Pay. Yeah, I miss you. My throat tightened. I miss you too. Every day, Pepper didn't respond. Instead, she stood casting a long shadow against the wall and walked right past me. Where was she going, Pepper? My voice was a whisper. I couldn't move. Couldn't turn around the locker room. Went dark. Pepper. Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? I woke myself up yelling the question to my dark living room. Pepper never appeared. I didn't need nightmares to know. I'd never see my sister again. And now now she had shown up in a dream just to talk