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Welcome to the Data Nation podcast, where tech professionals come toe learn how to defy gravity by using data to create extreme professional and personal success. You get actionable ideas, tools, knowledge bombs so you can do the same. Now here are your host. Fortune 500 Tech Consulting Boss paid smashing glass ceilings in their sleep. Miko Yuk and Lillian Pearson. And now the 10 minute walk with Bishop Ian Anderson on ancient word radio. Bishop Ian can be heard several times a day on ancient word radio. Go to www dot ancient word radio dot org's for dates and times. If you're ready to maximize your God given potential to impact the world in a positive and powerful way, you're listening to the right show. The top 1% podcast is the antidote to mediocrity, where we're giving you the tools, the inspiration and the mentors to clarify your purpose, maximize your impact and influence the world. Here's your host, Trevor Blattner,