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    Husband Voices

    The husband is a married male character who is a loving partner to his wife. The husband may also be a father, and hold other titles or roles outside of his marriage, such as being a brother, cousin, or other familial bond, and being in a certain occupation. The husband character is usually a protector and provider, working hard to meet the needs of his family and providing love, opportunity and safety for his wife and children.

    The husband character is usually occupied with work, spending time with his wife and raising his children, though he also enjoys spending time with friends. The husband character can display a wide variety of behaviours and attitudes, with the most common emotions being happiness with his family, a love for his wife and children, and tiredness from work. Other emotions are also present, with sadness, anger and contentment, among yet more emotions, showing up periodically as well. Some husband characters do not meet the positive qualities depending on how they are written, and may be lazy, angry or otherwise unconventional or undesirable in behaviour and attitude.

    The husband character is a universal character and can be seen in almost all forms of media and genres. The role of being a husband can be very important to a character’s background, however there are also many more characteristics a character may have alongside this designation that must be taken into account. To observe husbands outside of the media, you can look at married men in your family, married male friends and perhaps gain insight from your own behaviour if you are married, and look for commonalities between all husbands observed. With practice and heart, you, too, can voice a husband character.