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Once upon a time, shoppers used to go into a store, see something nice and buy it. The end. Today shopper is different. Did you know that 54% of in store sales are influence by the Web? He up and 70% of shoppers use their phone to browse online while they're shopping. Meet Ryan, a pencil pusher, a desk jockey, a cube farm animal. But outside his day job, he is a world class T shirt designer. Everyone loves his work. Even his boss, Ryan, wishes he could quit his day job to sell his designs. From the beginning, our brand has stood for ideas, inspiration and passion. And after 50 plus years we've racked up hundreds of automotive innovations, thousands of checkered flags and millions of the best owners ever. Our customers love their vehicles. They tweet about them. Instagrammed, um, hashtag them flocked owner groups. They happily waved to each other with a smile, as if to say, Ah, yes, you get it. You see, our cars aren't just fun to drive. They represent a dynamic expression of each owners individuality. It should be no surprise that our customers expect a unique, personalized experience. We owe it to them