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when billy said he'd repaired the gutters, I should have never believed him. That was my first mistake. If I had checked them myself, I would have realized the job had to be done all over again, but the right way this time, Then the three day reign wouldn't have loosened them from the roof and I would have been inside the house instead of dangling from an aluminum piece 10 ft off the ground. And an aggie and the makeup lady would have never have had their fateful meeting. Aunt Aggie wasn't even my aunt, but somehow during the division of marital property, I ended up with her, Billy got the tractor trailer rig, I got the house and two kids and a mortgage and and Aggie, I don't mind about an Aggie. Not really. It took me some time to get used to her appearance. The frizzy dyed red hair, the three inch coat of mascara on her stubby lashes, the jangly assortment of pins, necklaces, and bracelets she wore from early in the morning to late at night. I often suspected she wore the jewelry to bed, but never wanted to know badly enough to voluntarily enter her bedroom every now and then. The urge would come over her to visit her family. In her defense. I must say that her visits never lasted very long and she can be very entertaining in a bizarre kind of way. She taught the Children how to play poker and gin rummy and only argued a little when I told her there would be no betting with their allowance. But mary Lynn, she had said when I removed the stacks of quarters, dimes and nickels in front of her, how can you expect the Children to take the game seriously if they don't have anything to lose? It's a game, for God's sakes! I had answered, I don't want the Children, gambling, life's a gamble, she had muttered, but brightened up when I offered to make cocoa and popcorn. I had headed off many a dispute by shoving assorted solids and liquids into her mouth. But anyway, I was telling you about the makeup lady. So here I was hanging one handed off the gutter. Then I heard the doorbell ring **** and I let go of the edge and landed flat on my butt in the mud. I'll get it! I yelled to Aunt Aggie without really believing she would pass up an opportunity to meet someone new even when they clearly didn't want to meet her by the time I had wiped the worst of the mud from the seat of my pants and got into the kitchen, Aunt Aggie was already in full conversational space and so I told my nephew I'd keep an eye on them while he's gone and Aggie never believed me when I told her Billy and I were divorced