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Recorded and edited in my home studio with ACX quality standards.

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It's mid summer in the southern Appalachian mountains and the air has substance. You can feel the water carried on the wind as it brushes past you like breath on silk. I'm walking in the forest barefoot and slow. The dense heat has been gentle by the thick canopy, and the soles of my feet are cool against the soil. As I walk, my steps grow slower until I'm finally stopped by wonder. Standing stock still. I looked down at the forest floor beneath me and feel the world turn over. Part of my mind knows I'm gazing down at the dirt, but a sudden delicious sense of vertigo makes me feel as if earth has been flipped and I'm falling upward into the Starlight cosmos, glittering, glinting everywhere. Billions upon billions of flecks of mica wink throughout the forest floor. It looks just like the milky Way spilled generously across dark soil. I am barefoot in the forest, walking among the stars. In that moment I became aware of two things, the heaviness of the self doubt that had been hiding within me, and the fact that the remedy was sprinkled all around it, felt as if the grandmotherly presence of the maiko was whispering in my ear. Don't worry, you're good, my girl. Nearly all my classmates were out of sight by this point looking for more exotic specimens, but I couldn't put down this piece of mica. It was a mirror and the self acceptance I saw within. It was exactly what I needed in order to heal. The breeze lifted the leaves of the maples and ruffled the hair at the back of my neck. My feet, planted in the same place had warmed the surface of the earth to the temperature of my body, so I could no longer tell the difference between my souls and the soil. The mica in my hand winked like morse code, and I received the message. It was so brilliant and simple. I could weep. The earth wants us to see our goodness, because this is where healing begins.