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3rd person, Male/Female Characters. Recorded and edited in my home studio with ACX quality standards.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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she wandered around and felt as if she was going in circles but finally found herself at her mausoleum in the back to her surprise, Jayden was there sitting on the bench. I'm sorry, she said as she walked up to him. She wasn't sure why that came out so quickly but wasn't willing to take it back either. He looked up from the ground and tilted his head. Thanks. I really wasn't trying to make you mad. I know. Look, I'm new here too. I don't know what the **** to do. And it's really lonely. Yeah, I remember when you died, bad luck, right? He said, starting to return to his old school self, weren't you driving or something? She laughed nervously. This would be the first time. She really talked about her death in great detail and she wasn't sure she wanted it to be with him, but at the same time there was no one else, yep, I was texting and hit a pole. She paused and thought back on the moment and shuttered. She didn't want to discuss the details quite yet so she deflected the conversation back to him. How about you? How did you go? It was at the game, he answered, her face squiggle dup as she attempted to figure out what he was talking about. What do you mean? It was at the homecoming game? He answered okay, she said, and it was awesome actually, the first half of the game, we were killing them. Seriously. We were up by three tds and then halftime came when the team went to the locker room, I stayed out on the field because I was getting crowned king. He smiled and looked away towards the school. It was so freaking cool. She thought about how much she didn't want to go to that game, but had promised Darcy they were going to attend every game their senior year. After reminding herself that she hadn't had to go after all, she giggled. She knew this was certainly one way to get out of things she didn't want to do, sounds like it, she sneered.