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English, Poirot, The Case of the Missing Will, detective mystery

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Narration of the Agatha Christie detective story, with four voices, the narrator (English), Poirot (Belgian-French), Mr and Mrs Baker (English-country)

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Belgian, British, French


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will you fetch, madame your wife and answer a few questions? Baker departed and in a few moments returned with Mrs Baker, wiping her hands on her apron and beaming all over her face. In a few clear words, Poirot set forth the object of his mission. The Bakers were immediately sympathetic. I still want to see Miss Farley. Don't out of what says declared the woman. Cruel odds would be for hospitals to get it all. Poirot proceeded with his questions. Yes, Mr and Mrs Baker remembered perfectly witnessing the will. Baker had previously been sent into the neighbouring town to get to printed. Will forms two, said Poirot. Sharply. Yes, sir. For safety, like, I suppose, in case he should spoil one. And sure enough, So he did do. I said, Signed one. What time of day was that? Bigger Scratched his head. But his wife was quicker. Why, to be sure. Just put the milk on for the cocoa at 11. Don't you remember? It had all boiled over on the stove when I got back to the kitchen, and afterward it would be about now. Later, I said to go in again. I've made a mistake says Old Master. And to turn the holding up, I'll trouble you to sign again. And thus did. And afterward, master, give us a tidy sum of money each. I've left you nothing in my will, says he. But each year I live. You'll have this to be a nest egg when I'm gone, and sure enough, so he did.