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Douglas Barron

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Characters Sci-Fi, Action, Gaming, Villain, Comedy Classic

Voice Over Videogames + 17 More
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Jeffrey Pillars

Mineral Springs, North Carolina


Voice Over Video Narration + 22 More
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James Jakala

Park City, Utah

Commercial 1

Voice Over Audiobooks + 19 More
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Sophie Roberts

London, United Kingdom

English natural RP accent - straight reads for fiction audiobook demo

Voice Over Audiobooks + 17 More
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Jesse Adam

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Dark Web Security - Geeky, Casual, Conversational, Knowledgable

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Michelle Sundholm

Portland, Oregon

Unilock and Canon Spots

Voice Over Television Ad + 21 More
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Detective Voices

The detective is an intelligent and observant character, who carefully investigates mysteries and reaches a logical conclusion based on the evidence available. The detective is a focused and organised character, and is good at communicating, as well as picking up on social cues. The detective is curious, concise and driven. The detective may use various methods of logical thinking to reach a conclusion, and can create a theory of how and when a crime occurred with the evidence discovered. Detectives are creative thinkers, and use the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning to create a theory, analyse their work, and to double check the accuracy of their claims.

At a crime scene, detectives analyse the scene of the crime, looking for any clues, or details pertinent to the investigation. Detectives are very observant, and may verbally mention things that are out of place, or otherwise notable. Detectives also question witnesses, asking direct yet open-ended questions about what happened, to build a theory of the crime and to collect details about what had occurred. When interrogating a suspect, detectives use various tactics to apply and ease pressure on the suspect at crucial times to get information while encouraging the suspect to remain open to communication with investigators. Detectives will also maintain an encouraging yet authoritative demeanour, sometimes acting friendly when building rapport, to get a suspect to feel comfortable talking to them. When talking to police officers and colleagues, a detective will explain with great attention to detail what he or she has discovered, what theories of the crime he or she has, and what resources may be needed to conclude an investigation.

Detectives can be seen in movies and television shows, as well as other forms of media, predominantly in the crime and mystery genres. The most popular detective is Sherlock Holmes, who has many shows and movies written about him and his investigations. There are also police interrogation recordings publicly released on video platforms such as YouTube. Watching, or listening to, media with detective characters can help you understand how detectives think and speak. With practice, you can speak as a sharp-witted detective.