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Sunday morning, December 17th 1941 The island of Oahu was bombed in a surprise attack, a turning point of the 20th century it to find us and the rest of the world revisit the many stories that fateful day and honor all of those who survived the Pearl Harbor's 75th commemoration, December 1st to the 11th in Honolulu, Hawaii. In Nigeria, the need for cars is constant and growing. Commuters and communities rely on cars for their everyday lives, especially in rural areas. If not maintained lubricated properly, engines may fail and cars may break down. Not only does this cause a great inconvenience for the vehicle owner and lost revenue in the case of commercial vehicles, but it also adds to the traffic congestion and causes accidents in frustration. THISTLES CRYSTAL BEACH, Texas Known for its sandy white shoreline, this picturesque small town is dotted with beautiful homes. When the owners go to bed, likely hear the waves lapping up on the shoreline on, they think about how blessed they are to have such a great home. But while they slept 143 MPH winds and rising tides of Hurricane Ike or silently approaching and after just a few hours, brutal force. Nothing was left. It was Crystal Beach is a day of reckoning. What if I told you that the greatest player a coach ever had wasn't on the field, but off but behind the booth? His life, a newfound stardom, came at a price, and life wasn't all gravy can. Ola in Canada is big business. It has grown by over 40,000 farmers, primarily in western Canada. It's the number one revenue generating crop in the country. Canola contributes $19.3 billion to the Canadian economy each year, including more than 249,000 jobs. About 90% of Canadian canola is exported. This'll means global markets are critical to continued success. Baby Elephant is trained to stay put. He's tethered to a stake by a heavy chain. Although the baby elephant pulls and tugs, he can't break away. Eventually, he stops trying even when he grows into a five ton adult and could easily pull the entire stake out of the ground. He doesn't because he believes he cannot. He doesn't even try. That is his assumed constraint and assume constraint is a belief that limits new experiences as adults. We all have assumed constraints. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back?