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    Boss Voices

    The boss is a character who holds a managerial position, especially one who manages employees or an organization such as a small business or large corporation. The boss is responsible for motivating employees, delegating tasks and listening to the needs and successes of employees. The boss should communicate well, providing fair treatment to all employees, and encouraging teamwork, providing feedback when necessary.

    Bosses are most commonly portrayed in the employee/employer relationship. Whether it be a department manager in a corporate office setting, or a manager at a fast food restaurant, both bosses share the responsibility of recruiting, training and guiding employees, as well as providing oversight for their employees.

    There are two types of bosses that can fall into this category, the effective or encouraging boss, and the ineffective, commanding boss. The effective boss leads by example and encourages the employees to improve, offering constructive criticism and congratulating the team on their strengths. The ineffective boss may micromanage employees, focus on their weaknesses without offering constructive feedback.

    The effective boss will communicate with his or her employees in a friendly way, while still maintaining the expectation that the boss is a superior. The boss will have a positive, perhaps even upbeat attitude, encouraging his team and recognizing their success. This type of boss is generally professional and polite. The effective boss is rude, arrogant, nags or criticizes his or her team constantly, and feels the need to micromanage all that they do. This boss may be angry, grumpy, or generally unpleasant to be around. This boss may also have a superiority complex.

    Bosses can be seen in several forms of media, ranging from the movie Boss Baby to Despicable Me, where the boss baby, and Gru, lead the individuals they manage to reach a common goal. Other movies or television shows that include bosses generally have a work dynamic to them, and can fall into the category of sitcoms or office oriented and finance oriented movies. Another lesser form of boss is the mob boss or crime boss. They operate similarly to the classical boss, but engage in criminal organizations. Gru would be an example of this type of boss. Another form of media the boss appears frequently in is video games.

    The video game boss is a non-player character, who is an enemy of the player. There can be multiple bosses in a game, with the largest usually being the lead antagonist. The boss usually has the character traits of a villain, and may be angry, taunt the player, or speak in a monologue during a cutscene. Depending on the plot of the game, the boss could be a monster, a gang leader, a disgruntled god, or any other villainous or violent character type. Bosses usually inspire fear and doubt, as well, with a menacing presence that should make the boss seem imposing and unmovable.

    'I'm going to need you to go ahead and get that done for me...that'd be great.' There's perhaps nothing more cringe worthy than a naggy boss voice. There are far more kinds of boss voices, like the angry boss, the annoying boss or the always smiling boss. There are so many reasons for needing a boss voice, whether it's for an advertising campaign, animation, audiobook or more. Check out our amazing selection of professional voice actors for your latest project.