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From McDonalds to Oil changes, coffee to TV promos- I can cover it all, believably and authentically

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join us for a special event. Easter at Willow premiere, Sunday at 11 only on CBS Are you wearing pants right now? Probably knocked. Does it matter? Definitely not if you're stuck at home or if you're on your way to take five Oil change. If you're not wearing pants, we'd never know because you never have to get out of your car while you're here. You're incredible. Laziness will remain your little secret. Well, we make sure your car's ready to go in about 10 minutes. In this world of the new, normal were new normal proof from our crazy, delicious family to yours. Part of a complete breakfast. Crave those crazy squares. The best catch of the day is McDonald's filet of fish sandwich. Get one now with French fries and a Coke classic for just 2 99 And don't forget, most of our restaurants are openly so you can satisfy your cravings even in the middle of the night. McDonald's. But up about 55 I'm loving it. Hey, it's Ben and Jerry. Freeze your theories. You know, some people don't even believe in freezer. Very different. Defy it engaged way. Want great quality on our terms. Any time, anywhere