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Positive, Angry, Authoritative, Inspirational, Caring, Frustrated

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North American (General)


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chris johnson's one of us, graduate of local public schools and Southern Miss with the right priorities to improve education and bring new jobs to the Pine belt so our Children can raise their families here. When Tim Kaine was governor, over 100,000 Virginians lost their jobs and unemployment more than doubled. Tim Kane's reckless agenda won't fix our economy on November six, you've got the power to stop Tim Kaine before he makes things worse again. Albany shouldn't bail out the billionaire developers behind the new mega mall and Arena at Belmont. We get new taxes on internet sales and a congestion tax. As billionaire developers ask for millions more in taxpayer money for the unwanted and unnecessary Megamall and Arena At Belmont, more than 90% of Julie Hensley's campaign cash came from out of state liberals trying to buy your representation in Madison Julie raised five times more from California than her own district, Julie Henze out of state, out of touch. There was a lot at stake, a company threatening to move Wisconsin jobs at risk. But then Scott Krug went to work for us. He fought to protect skyward to keep 300 good paying jobs in stevens point today, the company's world headquarters is breaking ground to bring 1000 jobs to our area