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    Upper Class Voices

    The upper class character is a more affluent character. The upper class character usually comes from a background of luxury, influence and power. A member of the upper class may be a business owner, a politician, a stock trader, a banker, a celebrity, or hold another lucrative and powerful occupation; or the character may be a family member of an individual who holds one of these occupations. The upper class character speaks in a more refined manner; sometimes with a degree of arrogance to his or her speech. The upper class character may also speak in an accent unique to a more wealthy geographical location.

    The upper class consists of many different occupations, and individual upper class characters hold different views. Upper class characters who work in business, finance or politics are often more stressed, and work with their minds to work in a logical, efficient manner. Upper class characters who work in acting, sports or music may be more creative and disciplined, mastering their emotions and their expressions of said emotions. Characters who married into wealth or were born into it may not hold any specific attitudes about their socioeconomic position, especially younger children from upper class families, who see their experiences as “normal” or of little consequence.

    Some upper class characters are rude to others below them in wealth or status; and put on an act around other upper class characters to remain liked by them. Other upper class characters are charitable, providing both financial and material support to those in need through philanthropic endeavours. Other upper class characters may be content with their position, having an ingrained humility brought about through their hard work to achieve a high status. Upper class characters often express emotions in a similar manner to members of other classes, but have different settings they may express their emotions in. Such settings can include offices, boardrooms, exclusive or expensive events, and in interviews with the press.

    The upper class character is influential and wealthy, with that privilege usually playing into their character to a degree. Upper class characters may speak with refined dialects and with accents more commonly heard in upper class areas. Upper class characters can be seen in many forms of media, especially in movies and television shows that include a form of worldbuilding. Upper class characters may be romanticised, as they often are in historical fiction in the times of monarchy and aristocracy, especially when the story revolves around a member of the upper class; or they may be shown in a negative light, such as in dystopian movies or television shows. Observing the traits of upper class characters and incorporating qualities that reflect your character into your voice can help you portray the perfect upper class character!