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    Politician Voices

    The politician is a character who is involved in politics at some level. The politician character is convincing, enjoys debates and often has strong opinions regarding certain issues. The politician character is a strong public speaker, and works with other politicians to address the concerns of their constituents. Politician characters often try to act as problem solvers, meeting with policy makers, community leaders and interested constituents. The speech pattern and vocal traits of the politician character can vary based on the position the politician character is in, the geographic location of the character, and the individual personality of the character, as well.

    The politician character may have one of many styles in leading and conducting himself or herself. Some politician characters are more opinionated and less likely to compromise, instead building a strong base around their images. Other politician characters are more compromising, working with all other politicians and parties to find and reach a solution. Others still are firm in their views but still listen to the opposition, and occasionally reach a consensus on different partisan measures. Politicians may or may not represent the majority of their constituency, but usually share regional accents and dialects. Politicians are generally associated with certain countries and their ideologies at the international level, parties at federal and provincial or state levels, and merit or popularity as individuals at the municipal level. The style and position of leadership can greatly affect how the politician character behaves, and which responsibilities he or she has.

    The politician character starts his or her journey as a citizen, sometimes with a background in law, finance, activism or another field, sometimes without little relevant experience. The politician character may start at the municipal level, growing his or her traits such as leadership, collaboration, communication, governance and sense of responsibility. The politician character often engages with fellow citizens in a city ward or school district, and listens to and addresses local concerns. A politician character may later run for regional politics, campaigning and entering debates, aligning with a specific party; while also listening to larger concerns the populace has. At a federal level, politician characters have large personas, maintaining an image as a reformer, conserver, strong man, mediator or other political role. This role is bolstered through numerous debates, rallies and campaigns, which all aim to attract viewers and express the views of the candidate before an election. At an international level, most politician characters aim to protect world peace and prosperity; or protect the interests of their countries. At all levels, politician characters are policymakers, and both propose solutions to problems specific to the people they represent, as well as voting on and critiquing the solutions of other politicians.

    The politician character can be seen in many forms of media, but most notably in real life coverage of political issues. Politicians can be observed campaigning at all levels during in person events, as well as having digital recordings of higher profile candidates at the state or province and federal levels. Organisations such as C-SPAN and CPAC also provide coverage of politicians addressing the public, as well as talking in Congress and Parliament respectively, regarding issues within the jurisdiction of the legislature. Politicians can also be contacted and talked to in person, especially at the municipal level. There are also fictional politician characters which provide a view of politicians that focuses more on the persona of each politician character, rather than the daily responsibilities that character bears. Observing politicians and mirroring ones that share the trait your character has can help you develop a politician voice guaranteed to win an election!