BBC Radio - Planet B - radio play excerpt

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Voice of Lioba in popular science fiction series Planet B for BBC radio

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Irish (General)


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no post them. No change there. A year in Planet B might be one second here. It's like nothing happened. Almost. I want my bed. You don't think they will come to take you back to you? This isn't their world. They can't know. But we're safe. Stop worrying. Joan. What is it? I think I'm many hearts. Look, it's all over me. Over. It's gonna be okay. It's okay. I've spent enough time around virals to know when I'm sharing a ward with six of them. We never went away, didn't we? That I've been talking with Medley. Really? Just talking. There's a sickness here. An epidemic looks as if you've been infected. The plague patch. Sorry. It's an experimental corporation. Bio control measure. It was only supposed to affect virals. Rogues? Is there an antidote? Of course not. You leave me alone. I want to die. Why are you taking me, John? It's the purging you. What? We want to give you back your strong trust. What is she talking to me? Why you talking to me? Viral. She's no, she's a medley. Whywould medley Want to put me in the purging units? Nearly that goes against everything I stand for? What do you stand for? Exactly? Kissing my boyfriend doesn't like that. Be over. I kissed you. You kissed her. Well, give me strength to repurpose John to save an entire race. To save you, To save you. I don't believe that city. I don't want to be in your company any more than you want to be in mind. But we've got bigger issues than fighting over John. I know all about big issues. I've been enslaved to a malevolent corporation that's extinguished My real life. I said were here. I know you do. We need you. And that's why we need you to go into the purging unit. You need to be better and stronger. You need to be led, John. It is true. It's the only way. Yeah, I'm so proud of you. Really anticipate this corporation is in lock down. They're terrified. Huh? Uh, it's time for you to go home, John. What? Listen, I can't go home, but you can. I'm going to send you back