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Profile photo for Bob Bavnani

Bob Bavnani

Calgary, Alberta

Optimus Prime

Voice Over Videogames + 20 More
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Katherine Kennard

Auckland, New Zealand


Voice Over Documentaries + 20 More
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Profile photo for Heidi Tabing

Heidi Tabing

San Francisco, California

Magical Army Commander

Voice Over Videogames + 19 More
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Profile photo for Satauna Howery

Satauna Howery

Saratoga Springs, New York

Political Spots

Voice Over Online Ad + 21 More
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Profile photo for Willem van den Top

Willem van den Top

Wageningen, Netherlands

One man, many voices

Voice Over Animation + 16 More
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Profile photo for Marina Kalmykova

Marina Kalmykova

Düsseldorf, Germany

Soviet Commander - World of War Machines

Voice Over Videogames + 12 More
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Hero Voices

The hero is a character who embodies noble traits, and he or she usually is the focus of the story. The hero is usually brave, dedicated to a goal, has a code of conduct, values life, maintains a confident, optimistic and inspiring attitude, and assists others whenever possible. The hero is selfless, and takes on risks to protect others from harm. The idea of a hero has changed over time and differed in cultural and situational contexts, but the essence of the hero character boils down to a strong, brave, protecting and resilient force, who will do anything to ensure his or her goal is achieved within a moral framework.

The hero character has changed over the centuries, with the original heroes in mythology being partially divine and flawed militaristic leaders, and over time, shifted to a more chivalrous knight in shining armour in the middle ages. Modern heroes can range from soldiers who risk their lives to help civilians, to first responders, to regular civilians who come to another person’s aid during a time of crisis. The modern hero in reality and non-fantasy settings is often defined by his or her protection of others, and the saving of lives. A hero in entertainment may have amplified traits of a reasonable real life hero, with additional resources and skills allocated to him or her. The superhero and fantasy genres both grant the hero character the potential to be superhuman, or nonhuman, with fantastical abilities, threats and goals, as is the case in cartoons or movies where a superhero may fly or teleport.

Heroes usually have very specific character traits, and these traits influence how they react to challenges. Not all heroes are perfect, however, especially heroes in realistic settings. Heroes are brave, strong and generally resourceful, however they may not be wise if they are younger, or react poorly to a large challenge. Heroes are usually humble, but may become arrogant if they get a lot of power or reward. An example of a hero who broke down after a loss would be Batman, who took a long retirement from crime fighting after Harvey Dent’s death in The Dark Knight. Most heroes, however, are resilient and come back from their challenges, and often master not just the art of heroism, but their own lives as well.

Heroes can be seen in many genres, such as the sci-fi, fantasy, superhero and war genres, among others. These heroes all work to do the right thing, and have a positive, strong attitude regardless of the challenges they face. Determining the type of hero you are voicing, as well as the setting and genre, can help you voice the appropriate hero for the job, and ensure you give a superhuman articulation of the hero character.