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    Doctor Voices

    The doctor is an intelligent character in the medical field, who works diligently to provide care for patients. The doctor is attentive to concerns, diagnoses and treats patients, and has a large expanse of medical knowledge, usually specialising in a specific field. The doctor is a good communicator, often talking to doctors, nurses, patients, and the family of patients. Doctors use different terminology depending on who they are talking to, but it is clear and concise regardless of who the target audience is.

    Doctors in different fields may speak differently to, or provide different levels of care to, patients, depending on the field. Paediatricians may speak in a more friendly, soft manner. Specialists in fields helping people with more severe problems may be more stern, even blunt at times in telling a patient he or she must do more to improve his or her health. Doctors talking to other doctors and nurses may use more complex terminology to explain a diagnosis or plan of treatment, while doctors will speak in layman’s terms to the average patient. Doctors generally have a kind and compassionate attitude, though doctors that spend more time with a specific patient, such as a patient in the intensive care unit, in palliative care, or working as an in-home doctor, may have an even stronger level of friendliness with the patient, and be especially attentive to the patient’s needs. The doctor may also be subject to stressful situations, but maintains his or her composure, even when a treatment fails, or an emergency is occurring. 

    Characters who play the doctor in all but name and degree also fall into this role. These characters include dentists, field medics in a war or disaster, and psychologists or therapists, who focus on mental health. A doctor can also refer more broadly to anyone with a doctorate’s degree, though the most common interpretation of the title “doctor” is “doctor of medicine” in an occupational context. All of these doctors have a lot of knowledge, regardless of their degrees. 

    The doctor can be seen in various forms of media. There are numerous television shows, such as hospital oriented shows, as well as documentaries, and fictional movies with doctors or war movies. Doctors can also often be seen giving announcements or lectures at universities and events. Observing and mastering the doctor’s voice may be difficult, but if you’re patient and work hard, you can voice a doctor with breathtaking accuracy.