Anna's House

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I give an opening scene about a mysterious city, that includes characters with unique pasts and backgrounds.

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This is another sample of my voice. I'm Ernest Harris. This story is by money a la Louis, and it's called Annan's House. Beef was allowed city. It had the longest of a city not yet used to itself. Steel, click, click and steel and stone that stone. There was no respect from its noise. Would it have been in the road in the center of beef, They stood the house it was known toe all the town dwellers as Anna's house. No, no one knew why. For effect, the house belonged to a young woman called Sarah and no animals ever seen and remember to have lived in that house and have been in the road in the center of town and in Service House. There was silence. The loudness and noise never entered Sarah's house. Every day she would wake up to its quietness and breathe in its lightness. Several had quickly taken for granted its quietness and lightness