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    Grandmother Voices

    The grandmother is an older female character who has at least one child, and her child has at least one child as well. The grandmother is loving, caring and fun to be around. The grandmother enjoys spending quality time with both her children and her grandchildren. The grandmother is usually married, and enjoys spending time with her husband, though she could be a widow if her husband died. The grandmother is a common, yet complex, character that can be found in all cultures and backgrounds. The grandmother character enjoys deep conversations with her grandchildren, and may form unique bonds with her granddaughters. The grandmother may be the primary female figure in a child’s life if the child is an orphan. The grandmother character can fill different roles and have different qualities or capabilities depending on the story she is written into.

    The grandmother character usually has a good relationship with her family, and is in good health. Depending on her age, she could be in her late forties to her old age. A younger grandmother may be more playful and leisurely in her relationship with her young grandchildren. The grandmother would also provide her children with parenting advice, and encourage them in raising their children. In her older years, the grandmother character builds closer relationships with her grandchildren, and may take them on trips or to experience new things at parks and attractions. The grandmother also enjoys engaging in simple activities with her grandchildren, such as baking, gardening and walking, talking about things great and small with them. The grandmother is also usually quite generous, giving her grandchildren many gifts. In her older years, the grandmother character may be more reliant on her family for help, especially if her mental capacities have started to decline. The grandmother character is still loving and enjoys talking to people, but she may not remember much and be much more shallow in her understanding.

    In some circumstances, the grandmother character will not be on good terms with her family, or be more passive aggressive and irritated. Grandmothers may also be sad if their husbands, other relatives or friends have died.

    Grandmother characters can be seen in many forms of media, especially in movies or television shows that involve family focused stories. One example of a grandmother character in the movies is Grandma Tala, Moana’s grandmother in the Disney film Moana. This grandmother character encourages Moana to achieve her dreams, and is a good model for how a grandmother should be portrayed. You can also ask your own grandmother, or your mother if she is a grandmother, about her experiences and attitudes as she has gotten older. The grandmother character can be seen in many forms of media and have many different traits, so it is best to read the work your character is in and compare the character to other grandmother characters in the genre. With practice and insight, you can voice a grandmother character!