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you've already heard about M. R. N. A. And how it was instrumental in the fight against covid 19. But what you may not have heard is that none of this is possible without L. And M. P. S. Or lipid nanoparticles. So what exactly are L. And M. P. S. To answer this question, let's first take another look at M. R. N. A. Simply put M. RNA is a molecule that teaches your cells how to produce antibodies that help fight against certain diseases. However, for M RNA to be effective, it first needs to reach its target cell. And this can be a problem. That's where L. And M. P. S. Can help to better understand this. Imagine a car there are many parts that have to work together to get you from POINT A to POINT B. The wheels, the engine, the seat belts, the same goes for L. And M. P. S. There are many pieces that work together to protect and deliver M. R. N. A.