968 Olympian G Larry James- The Mighty Burner - A Servant of God



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I think. Harry James. Four decades of accidents, Right Plains, New York A person pursuing the over dream, The person who history would eventually refer to the Rocket. The mighty burner educator coach Father Consulting has built his foundation on faith and a litany of Montas. Walk the walk, walk, walk, walk the walk. Do the basics brilliantly. Don't basics brilliantly do the basics. Brilliant very took Villanova by storm, but his challenges were not limited to the track. The nation faced important questions about roles in isolation, and so did Larry. Success is a matter of holding on. Success is a matter of holding on when others have let go. In 1968 events converged on a force emerge that transcended the boundaries of the game. And these athletes would become poets of a larger moment, a moment that connects Gandhi to Martin Martin to Malcolm and these poets of 68 to us, a. Passing off the baton that came out of important crest of time and the test of time. And in this frozen they would forever be symbols change courage, Onda for Larry. It's always been family. His White Plains family, nova family, Olympic family Stockton family and, first and foremost, the family. G Larry James. Son, husband, father. She married James Teacher Motivator Dream G. Larry James, A Man of the season, a man reason A servant of God.