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a journey is marked by the beginning on did in Genesis to conclusion. Yet where we find ourselves is in the midst of this journey way have been called to the greatest journey to live out our lives for the honor and glory of race. This journey is for the resilient, brave, determined. Yet God has called us broken the disheartened loss for the knowing our inadequacies. He has stepped into the gap and has equipped us with that we need. He has given us a man, but a map only shows the way. It's our choice. Step by step season, my season, decade of their game. It's our choice to follow, even when we can't see where it's needed. Because way trust, Gar, this car is not. It is not on no, and it is not meant to be traveling. It has been tried and four by the faithful. Generations that have gone before path has been made clear. Really. Jews walk