California Highway Patrol




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We've logged a lot of miles since 1929. Over the decades, winds of change blew across this state and we were there for all of it. Good way. Have seen our shield Tragedies on suffered a few of on through all of this way. Way learned to work smarter recently. Other ways of serving on this way learn to be cautious. Look, before we leap to be prepared, I work as a team way. Learn never to become complete, to know that no matter how good you think you are, you way learned most importantly way not alone, that there are others, our whole community of law and fourth of professionals that there are lessons to be learned to service their sacrifice, their successes on their backs. Some time ago, a group of law enforcement leaders got together to share what they had learned to lay down a blueprint for law enforcement agencies to follow in order to work smarter, safer. Together, they formed a commission whose sole purpose is to improve law enforcement services across this country and abroad. They did this by sharing their stories, their successes, their tragedy. They agreed on standards for agencies to follow a list of principles to guide their decisions. Way to prove that the road they're headed down, right? They did these things because they believe that way that we must all work together to ensure none of us excellence is not just about where you are. Way you been what you accomplished. It's about where you're headed on who's by your side when you get.