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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US South)


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The whistle stop cafe opened up last week right next door to me at the post office and the owners Thurgood and ruth Jamison said business had been good ever since. He says that for people who know her not to worry about getting poisoned, she's not cooking. All the cooking is being done by two ladies, sip see and on sale. And the barbecue is being cooked by big George who is on sales husband. My other half Wilbur and I ate there. The other died. And it was so good. He says he might not eat at home ever again. I wish this were true. I spend all my time cooking for that big lug and still can't keep him filled up. By the way. It just says that one of her hands laid an egg with a $10 bill in it the other day.