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    Trucker Voices

    The trucker is a character who drives a large truck, generally driving as an occupation. Trucker characters work long hours and drive in all conditions to ensure his or her goods are shipped safely. Trucker characters may drive alone or with a partner who takes shifts. If a trucker character has a partner, he or she is usually friendly and engages in banter with the partner. Trucker characters are tenacious, hardworking and independent. Trucker characters are patient, driving long distances while checking in on the radio occasionally. Trucker characters may be irritable as a result of the conditions of the job; with noise, vibrations, stress and sleep deprivation having a negative effect on their mood. Trucker characters are also more risk tolerant, accepting long drives, sometimes in dangerous conditions such as driving during storms, at night, or on rough roads, to get their job done. Trucker characters are also physically strong, loading and unloading cargo for hours at a time. Trucker characters often have personalities outside of, and independent of, their occupation, which can influence their behaviour, attitudes and speech patterns.

    Trucker characters can be seen most often in movies or television shows about trucking, and may appear in other lesser roles, such as drivers in heists or convoy drivers in war movies or television shows. Truckers can also be observed in real life at truck stops; as well as in online interviews of employees of, or in advertisements and promotional material for, companies in the trucking sector of the transportation industry. By honing your patience and observing the lifestyle of truckers, you can voice a trucker character in an excellent manner!