Chivalry - sample Audiobook, 1900s British read



Audiobook sample for a read of a book written in 1900 by a British Nun

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Do you see any resemblance between the fathers and the sons? Yes, plenty. The sons were brave and fond of fighting like their fathers. And they followed their chief faithfully along for battles because if they did their duty there and killed a lot of the enemy, they had the chance of being made nice when the fight was over. But the German fathers were barbarians, very rough and fierce. And the nights were polished, Gentlemanly. Except, of course, just when they were fighting. They were gentle, even to their enemies. Even if they were kings and princes. They waited upon them a table, and they were always going to ladies and Children and all who were weak and couldn't stand up for themselves. I don't see much likeness. Well, I think there was a resemblance, though The later Knights had got rid of much of their rudeness and learned better manners. It would take us far out of our way to show you fully how the change came about. But to explain it all. I must use a world which comes to our minds whenever we think of the Middle Ages. That word is chivalry. It was the spirit of chivalry, which raised our Teutonic forefathers from the hardness and brutality of barbarism and gradually brought them to the refinement of feeling and manner which you admire so much in your nights.