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keeping the roads safe and clear convey a daunting task for states, cities and transit authorities of Locked Lane due to unscheduled construction, a pothole in the road, a missing streetside. These can lead to congestion, vehicle damage and even life threatening conditions. Today, agencies rely on inspectors and surveyors to enforce policies and maintain road inventory. However, on a state or city scale, this could be costly and very challenging. The solution. Believe it or not, it's already driving around in your city. Meet next our City Stream, a Revolutionary City monitoring system that is based on data from next ours. Safe driving, vision powered network. The network is crowd sourced from users using next ours top selling dash cams. Anonymous frames air constantly analysed in real time, using advanced AI to detect and monitor various elements and situations on the road. Drivers using necks are are alerted toe hazards on the road ahead in real time. While state and city planners can access anonymous data from millions of miles of road. Everyday, cities and states can use next our city stream to monitor construction zones. This'll enables easy enforcement of work zone schedules and lane closures, road inventory detection helps city operators monitor and manage road assets. Dangerous road conditions Alerts use sensor data to expose high risk streets and intersections. With next, our city stream cities can now see every corner of their city and ensure the city's roads are safe and clear. Find out how next our city stream can help your city becomes safer and more efficient.