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introducing the new Clorox Total 3 60 Pro Pack, the powerful next generation electrostatic sprayer that provides 360 degrees of comprehensive surface coverage. As the need for rigorous cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces has heightened, it's been our commitment to provide efficient, comfortable and effective tools to give communities peace of mind. Clorox Total 3 60 systems are the fastest electrostatic sprayers available, covering up to 18,000 square feet per hour and utilizing 65% less solution than traditional disinfectants. Our patented power rap nozzle ensures front, back and side to side coverage so you can reach even the tightest spaces three times faster than Cordless sprayers killing pathogens, including covid, 19 in two minutes or less, delivered in a lightweight backpack, The Clorox total 3 60 pro pack is the culmination of years spent refining the science and design of the most effective disinfecting products, saving time and money at your facilities with trusted Clorox chemistries. EPA approved for use and are easy to use backpack You can be sure that your disinfecting spaces more effectively and faster than ever. Clorox has been one of the most trusted names in disinfection for over 100 years. And with the Clorox Total 3 60 pro pack, we've got your back. For more information, visit Clorox Total 3 60 dot com