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Commercial - Quirky , Characters , Funny , Versatile

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Let's ask a simple question. Are you ready for retirement? Odds are the answer is now neon signs. Great, right? The problem is, I can't find anyone is willing to ship them. Just so gargantuan. Your Honda dealers are having their final clearance sale. But instead of yelling and screaming about, our cars are whispering truth. ISS. Everyone knows how great Hondas are. Thistles Dave, but he's gonna pretend to be you. He's here because you're tired of procuring technology the old way the hard way, the way that's disappointing, disappointing, like this sad cake like you eating the sad cake on washing it down with cold coffee. Like Susan, she's a big bank personal loan specialist and a great cook. If your fingers could talk every time you do the dishes, they would scream those nasty, germ filled scrub sponge. Is that dirty? Oh, got it. Growth dishwater. Kids and plants are a lot of like they both grow well with regular scheduled care for plants. That's giving them the support they need for kids that's following the vaccine calendar for their 1st 2 years. It's the American dream to buy house race. Um, kids, maybe get a dog. Oh, yeah, Around here, you better get your shine on because this is how we roll