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In a world with more and more identity theft, a trusted identity is increasingly important. That's why Civic created the secure identity platform. It's a bit like a digital wallet that bridges your physical and cyber credentials to see how it works. Let's meet Janice. Janice is going on a trip, and she needs to identify herself several times along the way, starting with the purchase of a plane ticket. Janice's travel booking service is a civic business partner, so they simply send Janice a QR code. To request her information. Janice provides the requested information directly from her mobile device, where that information is stored fully encrypted. Now Janice can use that same device to verify her identity at the airport, check in counter at the security check and when she gets to her hotel, using her fingerprints each time to prove that she is the owner of that data. This voluntary exchange of data happens directly between Janice and any organization that requests for information like a hotel or a bank. When there is a request for additional data, it gets added to her civic app, and she builds up trust in her digital identity. Each organization receiving her data independently validates her identity on the Blockchain. That means Janice's information is trusted, and she can have the low friction experience she deserves. Contact the Civic Team toe. Learn how you or your business can benefit from the Civic Secure Identity platform.