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Blue Bear Press LLC presents Delivering Value. A Holistic approach to Strategic Powered Growth Written by Steve Conference and Sarah Do Bets, narrated by Jason like, um, Copyright Blue Bear Press LLC 2016. At any time in your life, you can achieve just about anything you want. If you feel the desire to learn music today, you can do that. If you want to learn to be a great cook, manager, writer or even an actor, it's all there within you. There's not a gene that is preventing you from creating success. All you need is the courage to dream in the will to make the dream a reality. People connect to certain memories nestled deep within themselves. Something as simple as a smell or a sound can transport a person to a different location in a single moment. Many of these experiences air punctuated by appearances of specific characters. The scent of spearmint, for example, nudges my memory back to my grandma's house. Joey smelled fresh, perpetually chewing pieces of men gum whenever a minty aroma sails through the air. My mind takes me back to my childhood. In my memories, I am alongside my role model, my grandma staying up late past my bedtime, playing our favorite card game or riding in the backseat of her red sedan to the beach. It hadn't been easy to decide what to wear. Come as your favorite space object, he'd been told by Eric Bella's The Scientists next Door, who had invited George to his costume party. The problem. Waas George had so many favorite outer space objects he hadn't known which one to pick. Should he dress up his Saturn with its rings? Perhaps he could go. Is plu toe the poor little planet that wasn't a planet anymore? Or should he go? Is the darkest, most powerful force in the universe of Black Hole. He didn't think too long or hard about that as amazing, huge and fascinating. His black holes are. They didn't really countess his favorite space objects. It would be quite hard to get fund of something that was so ingredient, swallowed up everything in everything that came too close, including light. Before I earned a six figure salary, I was a waiter. PE was minimal. The restaurant was getting ready to go under, and the owner could only afford to write me a check every other week. I didn't mind, though. It was convenient. I lived right down the street and I didn't support myself. I dropped out of college after my freshman year. I was 19. I didn't have any aspirations for my life. I just wanted to be a teenager. I never wanted the responsibilities that came with being in a doubt. I didn't think about becoming anything more than what I waas a parasite eating away at my parents savings. I didn't really care. It was like being in an intellectual coma. Nothing my parents, my friends or my extended family did or said was able to wake me up. In fact, it wasn't until my parents sat me down and told me that they could no longer afford to support me tears in my mother's eyes that I finally realized something had gone horribly wrong in my life. When they got halfway down the street, Billy lifted the floppy chain link fence. My house is just up there. He pointed to the dry, grassy mountain and the row of houses perched along the top of it. There's a shed under the house on the east side of it. It has a shower with hot water. I'll bring you some things to clean up. Really. Trying not to focus on his dirty clothes. He tried not to stare this black fingernails or his matted hair. If he wasn't homeless than what was he? How did he end up like this? What had happened to him? Billy couldn't wait to hear his story.